Landlord-Owned Properties Policy

Tenant – Landlord Service Authorization

Our company contracts with the City of University Place to provide garbage and recycling service to your rental property. Though we don’t require it, we highly encourage landlords to initiate service at their properties in their own names. This ensures that the tenant has service and is not accumulating garbage at the premises, which could ultimately create a nuisance property situation as referenced in Pierce County Ordinance 2017-22s. This also ensures that the account does not go delinquent or to collections.

If, as the owner/property manager, you allow the tenant to sign up for service, it is your responsibility to check with us regarding the account status for the property. If an account goes delinquent or to collections, the delinquent/collection amount must be paid before service can be restored to the property. Any delinquent/collection amounts owing from an account at the property must be paid first. This is true even if a new tenant moves into the property and requests service.

If a tenant is moving, we highly recommend checking with us to see if there is an account balance before the tenant leaves, and before refunding to them any deposits that they may otherwise be due. This would ensure that there would be no delay for a new tenant to sign up for service.

Thank you!

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